Coeur d’alene

imageCoeur d’Alene is in Idaho. You may be wondering why I went to Coeur d’Alene? It was because my Mom’s birthday was on April 25th which was not to long ago and she took us there while she went to a work conference. The drive to Coeur d’Alene was 5 1/2 hours from our house. The first day my family and I went to dinner at the Iron Horse. The food was not that good. After dinner we all wanted to get ice cream except my Dad. My brother got chocolate, my Mom got mint chocolate chip, and I got birthday cake. Next, my family and I watched TV and then we went to bed. That picture was taken from out hotel room.

When I got up my Mom had a conference to go to at the hotel. My Dad, brother and I went to Shari’s for breakfast. Breakfast was so good! I got pancakes, my brother got ¬†scrambled eggs and toast and my Dad got an omelette. After Shari’s my family and I went to the pool. The pool was so warm. Did you know if you swim 74 time across the pool, that my Dad, Roman and I were at, you would have swam one mile? Then my Mom had a break and we all just hung around the hotel¬†room.

When my Mom’s break was over my Dad, Roman and I went to a toy store and I got a troll. After that we went to this pita place. I had a quesadilla but it was in pita bread. It was so so so good! My Dad got a gyro and he said it was good. Then we went back to the candy store that we got ice cream from. I got more ice cream and my Dad got chocolate covered sweets and Roman got a Hacky Sack. If you do not know what a Hacky Sack is, it is a little ball that you play with. I will make a blog post about it soon.

Then my Mom came and we all went to the park near our hotel and we played Hacky Sack. We then went for a walk on a granite mountain called Tubbs Hill that had trails we could walk on. After we were all done we wanted dinner so we went to restaurant/bar. Roman and I had pretzel bites, Dad had a salad and my Mom got a burger. After, my Mom took Roman to get some chocolate ice cream. They got me a chocolate covered marshmallow with stripes that were yellow and green. I had a bath after my Mom and Roman came home. I had that bath for one hour. After my bath I went to bed.

I got up and my Mom had another conference so my Dad, brother and I went to breakfast at the hotel. I had cereal and Roman had eggs and bacon. After that we all packed our stuff and we put it in the car. My Mom had another conference so my Dad, Roman and I went for a walk on the boardwalk and there was a little bridge that we crossed. After that we played Hacky Sack until my Mom was done. We got home at 8:30pm that evening. It was a beautiful and fun trip!

Picture by Mia’s iPad!!


  1. Dear Mia,
    Wow! You were visiting such a beautiful part of Idaho. Do you realize that I drive through Coeur d’Alene every summer on my way to Montana? The beauty of the lake literally takes my breath away every time I see it. I’m happy that you stayed in such a fancy hotel and had so many yummy food choices. What was your favorite part of this trip?
    Happy trails,
    Mrs. Fordyce

    1. Dear Mrs. Fordyce,
      My favorite part was swimming. That was fun! But my favorite food I ate was the breakfast at the hotel.

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