What I Am Thankful For.

c   I am thankful for shelter, Family, friends, animals, teachers, trees, air, clothes,United States , clocks, light, Gravity, God and my life. I am so thankful for my life, my  life it is so great. I am thankful for everything I do and everyone how helps me do it. That’s me when the dinner is […]

Hello Friends

Hello I am Mia and I am 9.  I go to Stafford Primary School. I am going to post many cool facts and I am excited to be on my blog. My favorite sport is lacrosse. My family goes to California every year so we can see our family like my aunts and uncles. We stay […]

My Favorite Book!

I am reading Clementine for Christmas. I am on page 58 I am really enjoying the book and I really recommend it to you. I love this book so far because it has a dog on the front cover and I love Christmas and who does not like Christmas? I do. I got this book […]

The Cool Fishing Cat

The Fishing cat is called a fishing cat because it has webbed feet so it can fish well. The fishing cat likes to eat fish, snakes, frogs, small birds, rodents, ducks and other small animals. Baby fishing cats open their eyes at 6 days. Fishing cats are brown, black and have stripes and spots. The […]