Coeur d’alene

Coeur d’Alene is in Idaho. You may be wondering why I went to Coeur d’Alene? It was because my Mom’s birthday was on April 25th which was not to long ago and she took us there while she went to a work conference. The drive to Coeur d’Alene was 5 1/2 hours from our house. […]

Smile vs. Sisters By Imani & Mia

Mia’s Purpose: To convince Imani that Sister is a better book. Imani’s Purpose: To convince Mia that Smile is a better book. Mia’s Reason: In the book Sister, the people go on a road trip. Imani’s Reason: I thing that Smile is a better better book because she gets her ear’s pierced. Mia’s Reason:  They […]

Life In Space

By Mia Have you ever wanted to see the stars up close? Have you ever wanted to feel weightless? If you answered yes to those question, then you might be interested in a job as a astronaut, However the job of being an astronaut is very hard. Not only being an astronaut hard on their […]

Cheese VS. Combo VS. Pepperoni

Moms purpose: To convince you pepperoni is the best. My purpose: To convince you that cheese pizza is the best. Dads purpose: Is to make sure people know that combo is better. My mom is turquoise and I’m red and my dad is green. Reason: First, the most common pizza ordered at a pizza restaurant is […]

Fishing cat vs. Dogs By Mia and Nikki

Purpose: Mia: I want to convince you that Fishing Cats are the best. Nikki: I want to convince that dogs are the best animal.    Mia’s Reason: Fishing cats have webbed toes so they can swim in the water great. Example: When the fishing cat gets in the water, they spread their toes to activate […]

Florida Red Wolf

The Florida red wolf is also called Florida wolf, red wolf or Mississippi valley wolf. The Florida red wolf is on the federal list of endangered species. It was listed in 1996. Now there are 100-120 red wolf alive. Red wolfs eat Elk, Earthworms, Grasshopper, Moose and berries. They have to eat different in the summer like Mice, Birds […]

14 Cute Animals

 A baby hedgehog.  A baby bunny .  A dog. A harp seal. A tiger.  An owl.  A cat. A baby bunny.  A pig.  A pair of penguins. A baby cheetah. A chipmunk. A peacock. Last but not less a dog named Boo. 

The Perfect Place

California is the perfect place in the world for me. It is just so much fun. I can see my family like my cousins, aunts and uncles. I love California especially when I play with my cousins in a pool at my Aunt’s house. I have a lot of family members in California like two […]